Eastchester Blue Devils Lacrosse


K-2 Registration

Fee- $225

Register at Eastchester Blue Devils

Boys: Full equipment REQUIRED helmet, shoulder pads, gloves, arm pads, stick, mouth guard.

Girls- required equipment goggles, stick, mouth guard.

                         *****every registration will include a FREE stick*****

Start Date- Tuesday April 17th 5-6pm

Location- Haindl Field

Schedule- Tuesdays 5-6 and Saturdays 5-6


No PRACTICE- 4/28 AND 5/26


Jamborees- Edgemont (Date TBD) and White Plains 6/9


Gear- Purchase at Comlax, New Rochelle, 310 Main Street.

 Package for boys is $180- includes all required gear as well as a back-up stick.

Back-up stick can be used for a parent, a sibling or friend to allow the registrant to practice- PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!!!

eastchester blue devils k-2 registration

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