Lunch—June 18-21, 2018

Parents next week the cafeteria will not be serving lunch due to the 1:45 dismissal. 

The students will be eating their snacks and their regular sized lunches in their classrooms.  Don’t forget to send your child to school with both. 

Please remember NO NUTS in either the snack or the lunch bag.  thank you so much for your cooperation.

Have a great summer!!


Waverly PTA 

Boosterthon Continues

Waverly Families

Boosterthon is not Over Yet!!

The kids had an amazing time at our Run!

Thank you for all your support but pledging will continue til May24th!!

We are Almost at our goal of $20,000 and with just a little more help I’m certain we go do it!!

If you have CASH or CHECK the option to PAY LATER is now open so enter your pledges!!!


GO Waverly!! GO Waverly!!

Weekday Challenge Winners!!

Weekday Challenge Winners!!

Congratulations to all the students and Families who have supported Waverly!!

We are proud to Announce the Winners for the Loukoumi Foundation Tickets!!!

1- Elaina Baccello-Mrs. Schwartz

2- Olivia Giannelli- Mrs. Batz

3- Celeste Brito- Mrs. Engborg

4- Stella Bowman- Mrs. Ullrich

5- Hugo Sanchez- Mrs. Saraco

Please reach out to the Waverly PTA to claim your tickets!!