Waverly PTA Executive Board 2020-2021

Co-Presidents: Anna Messar and Stephen Riccardulli

Secretary: Jennifer De Michele

Treasurer: Anita Tleel

Membership Coordinators: Jennifer Yagoda and Taryn Bolduc

Ways & Means: Mei Riccardulli and Jamie Hedstrom

Cultural Arts: Christina Ayala-Rivera and Saumya Bhatnagar

Data Communications: Cathy Belli and Lisa Fellin

PTA Council Rep: Brian Trerotola

Committee Chairs

Kindergarten Head Class Parent: Julie Pearson

1st Grade Head Class Parent: Miriam Harwood

Health & Wellness: Amanda Wismans

Spirit Committee: Allie Ferrentino and Annie Vargas

Yearbook: Samantha Delaney and Dawn Leone

After School Clubs:  Pam Wampler and Jenny Simon

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