Waverly PTA Executive Board 2018-2019

Co-Presidents: Natalie Vero and Jennine Perrotti

Secretary: Alice Jennings

Treasurer: Anita Tleel

Membership & T-Shirts:  Jessica Maban, Dina Dunn, Adrienne Notaro, and Carina Kjelstod

Ways & Means: Stephanie Fairclough, Damon Farmer, Berit Huseby & Mei Riccardulli

Cultural Arts: Marina  Stathos

Data Communications: Nikisha Scott

PTA Council Rep: Tina Fernandez

Committee Chairs

Yearbook: Mia Riad

After School Clubs:  Janet Hargadon, Sarah Thomson, and Dorothy Leone

Health & Wellness: Sarah DeRise

Book Fairs: Sarah DeRise

Spirit Committee:  Gleice Vakroneva and Rachelle Calo

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