Thank You from the Waverly PTA

Thank You from the Waverly PTA



As the school year ends we would like to take moment to reflect on a great year and thank the Waverly community for all the support received throughout the year!


  • A few significant Highlights:


  • Our Cultural Arts Programs


    thriving thanks to continued support through PTA membership of our Waverly families. All throughout the year, the children experienced wonderful enrichment programs that aligned with their grade level curriculum.

  • OurHealth and Wellness initiatives


    to grow thanks to successful fundraising efforts, most notably through our Boosterthon fundraiser.

  • Prior year Boosterthon proceeds were used to fund our in-class wellness programs and family yoga night, build our outdoor classroom, and purchase a new Audio Visual System for the Gymnasium, which will be installed over the summer.

  • This year’s Boosterthon raised $20,000 in additional funds for the school. Thank you to our Spirit Committee for organizing this event and to all Waverly families and local businesses who participated in the fundraising efforts!

  • So many memories were made through the family evening and weekend events


    to us by the hard work and dedication of our Ways and Means committee. These events have become a staple of the Waverly tradition and part of what makes Waverly such a truly special experience.

  • A great big THANK YOU…


  • … to our principal, faculty


    staff for a wonderful year of learning and enrichment for our children. Also, a big thanks to the Custodial Staff.  Their help during all events on school property is immensely appreciated all year long!

  • …to our PTA Executive Board and Committee Chairs and Class Parents for the time and dedication they have brought to this school


    their volunteer efforts, while also trying to balance family and careers, none of the success of the PTA would be possible.

  • … to all our PTA members and volunteers for all of your support throughout the year.

Finally, Congratulations and Best Wishes to our 1stgrade families moving up to Anne Hutch and Greenvale!

We hope everyone has a restful and enjoyable summer!

Natalie Vero & Jennine Perrotti

Waverly PTA


End of Year PTA Letter